CiA in-house seminars

Due to an improved pandemic situation, CiA appreciates being able to offer CiA in-house seminars, as in-person events, again. We think that the personal contact allows a much better and sustainable knowledge transfer. Nevertheless, CiA continues offering web-based seminars as a very efficient educational service, with special regard to traveling costs. On occasion of CiA in-house seminars, CiA engineers discuss CAN-related topics, adjusted to the companies’ requirements.

During CiA in-house seminars, CiA engineers discuss and explain various CAN-related topics in a technical- and/or marketing-oriented way in either Chinese, English, or German language. It is up to the customer to arrange the audience with employees exclusively or with invited guests such as representatives from suppliers or customers.

The content of a CiA in-house seminar depends on company’s individual needs. We can provide an overview about the CAN application fields such as vehicles and transportation, factory automation, building automation, and embedded networking, to name a few. Attendees interested in the CAN physical layer could be informed about the general physical requirements, high-speed transceiver, fault-tolerant transceiver, CAN SIC (signal improvement capability) transceiver as well as further physical layer options. Further topics could cover the CAN data link layer options. Classical CAN, CAN FD, and CAN XL are the candidates to be on the agenda. CiA engineers can help with their expertise explaining the options and failures while implementing a chosen data link layer. There exist several CAN-based higher-layer protocols (HLPs). CiA experts have many years of experience in work with CANopen. This CAN-based HLP is developed and maintained by CAN in Automation and its members. We are looking forward to discussing either basic CANopen or CiA device or application profile-related questions with you. Additionally, also other higher-layer protocols such as J1939, DeviceNet, or even the proprietary ones can be discussed.

CiA in-house seminars are held in company’s facilities. Therefore, you do not have to consider travel or accommodation costs for the participants. As no attendees from outside are present, sensitive information can be kept confidential. The organization of an in-house seminar offers a lot of flexibility. A convenient date and duration (even more than one day) as well as customized audience and number of attendees are chosen according to your considerations.

If you are interested in a CiA in-house seminar, please feel free to contact us by email: events(at) or by phone: +49-911-928819-0.