Seminars, conferences, and other events

CiA provides several education services for different purposes. Besides scheduled seminars and conferences, also in-house seminars are offered.

Of course, you can visit our or other websites, read books, or learn anything about CAN technology just by using starter-kits. Alternatively, you can go to seminars, conferences, or other events to learn more about CAN technology.

Since the 90ties, CiA offers seminars on CAN and CANopen for newcomers. We regularly schedule such seminars in Germany and dedicated European countries (depending on requests). These seminars are product- and provider-independent meaning we just educate technology. This gives device developer and system designers the opportunity to get good background knowledge. Also technical decision makers may benefit from this kind of events. The list of scheduled seminars is here.

CAN 2020

This year, we have added the CAN 2020 events to our event program. They are free-of-charge for CiA members. The trainers provide a look into the future regarding CAN FD and CANopen FD as well as how CAN technology fits to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 developments. CAN 2020 also addresses new markets for CAN technology. These events are intended for decision makers on every level. They do not go in all technical details still providing a technical overview including international standardization and CiA specifications in the pipeline.

Next year, we plan to provide the CAN 2020 events as webinars divided in parts. We will schedule them for different time zones (Asia, Europe, and America). CiA will also offer a dedicated webinar for CiA 602 (CAN FD and J1939).

16th iCC

Next year, CiA will organize the 16th international CAN Conference (iCC) in Nuremberg. This unique conference provides a detailed in-depth look into CAN technology. The call for papers is already running. The number of seats is limited due to the meeting facility (historical Town Hall). So please book as early as possible, if you like to participate. The iCC is organized in conjunction with CiA’s 25th anniversary.

In-house seminars

We know, our seminars and other events cannot satisfy very specific education requirements. Therefore, we offer in-house seminars with tailored content. Our experienced trainers perform such trainings since many years. The customer specifies the content and the desired level of CAN knowledge. We can provide trainings, still product- and manufacturer-independent, for device designers, system integrators, sales staff, service technicians, and general management including marketing managers.

For more details please read on or contact CiA headquarters (service(at)