IG CAN FD needs your expertise

CiA invites its members to join and support the Interest Group (IG) CAN FD.

The group appreciates any submitted comment regarding CAN FD related documents under development. Submissions summarizing additional challenges, which CAN FD will have to meet in specific applications, are more than welcome as well. Many aspects of CAN FD standardization are on the home stretch already. ISO 11898-1 has been published and ISO 11898-2 is expected soon. But some work still has to be done. CiA has established a technical working group that accompanies the ISO standardization and saves valuable information for CAN FD device and system design in CiA specifications.

The IG CAN FD develops and maintains the CiA 600 specification series. The CiA 600 series provide rules and implementation hints for the physical interface implementation, the CAN controller interface implementation, for ringing suppression, and for system design. The working group discusses how to apply CAN FD efficiently in non-automotive environments. For that, the IG CAN FD needs to get information on the requirements, which CAN systems have to meet in diversified application fields. Another task of the group is to develop a kind of handbook that allows setting up a CAN FD system fast and simple.

To get familiar with CiA working groups, even non-members may join one meeting as a guest. Please contact us at secretary(at)can-cia.org.