CANopen SIG "ODX" inauguration

On November 11, 2015, CiA inaugurates a new technical group. Its focus is to map CANopen to ODX. For details please contact uns (secretary(at)

CAN time-stamping

CiA’s Interest Group CAN FD calls for experts in order to standardize the time-stamping for CAN (FD). A first meeting is scheduled on November 6, in Nuremberg. For details please contact us (secretary(at)

CAN FD plugfests

In February, CiA organizes the next (ISO) CAN FD plugfest. One plug fest will take place in Nuremberg (Germany) and another one in Detroit (USA). Interested parties should contact us (secretary(at) for details.

NASA joins CiA

The NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, designs, develops, and tests innovative technology for aeronautics and spaceflight. Core competencies include communications technology. The researchers are now part of the CAN community.

2nd China tour in 2015

CiA office organizes in November (10 to 19) events (e.g. seminar and CAN FD Tech Day) in China. If you like to contribute or participate please contact Meng Xie (xie(at) for more details.

CANopen FD trademarked

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market has registered CANopen FD as EU trademark under the number 013586839 for CAN in Automation e. V. CiA members are allowed to use them, for details see the EU trademark rules.

CANopen load cells

The CiA 461 profile for weighing devices specifies the interface for load cells. Part 1 contains general definitions and part 2 specifies the parameters and PDOs. For details please contact us (secretary(at)

600 members

The 600th member is Toshiba Electronics Europe. The Japanese chipmaker rejoined CiA. Main interest is the IG “CAN FD” and CAN FD plugfests. For more information about membership please contact the CiA office (headquarters(at)

CiA 602 series

CiA prepares the next work drafts of the CiA 602 CAN FD specification for commercial vehicles. The next IG meeting is in Karlsfeld, October, 12 and 13. For details please contact CiA office (secretary(at)

CiA 601-1 released

The CiA 601-1 CAN FD physical layer recommendation is released. Non-members willing to comment the first version, can request a copy. Please send your request to secretary(at)