CiA technology days in Spain

CiA has cancelled the face-to-face CiA technology days in Spain. CiA considers providing online presentations in May with the same content.

CiA technology days in Spain

CiA has scheduled two one-day events updating participants on CAN technology including CAN FD and CANopen FD. They take place in Barcelona (May 13) and Madrid (May 14).

CiA 402 and CANopen FD

CiA members are reviewing the CiA 402-6 drives and motion control PDO mapping for CANopen FD (CiA 1301). These PDOs have a length of up to 64 byte. For more information please contact secretary(at)

CiA General Assembly

This year, the CiA General Assembly takes place in Baden-Baden (Germany) one day before the 17th iCC. Registration by email is required.

Common-mode choke

In February, a CiA task force e-meeting is scheduled, in which the CiA 110 common-mode choke work draft is discussed. For more information please contact: secretary(at)

Three papers on Embedded World

CiA presents three papers on the Embedded World conference O. Kaplun (Condition Monitoring and Embedding CANopen in IoT), Y. Yao (CANopen FD Devices Identification via New LSS), and R. Zitzmann (Migration from Classical CAN to CAN FD).

Webinar: Migration from CAN to CAN FD

The 75-minutes webinar on February 19 explains options, how to migrate from Classical CAN networks to CAN FD networks. It is held in English and it is free-of-charge.

Webinar: CANopen FD

As in the last years, CiA continues to provide webinars with different topics. The first one focuses on CANopen FD, its status and future. It is scheduled on January 16.

iCC registration has started

CiA office is ready to register participants of the 17th international CAN Conference (iCC). It will take place in Baden-Baden (Germany) on March 17 and 18.