Call for experts

CiA calls for experts interested in service robot modules (e.g. wheel controllers) or CANopen-to-IO-Link gateways.

CAN in Automation (CiA) members jointly develop CANopen profile specifications. The benefits of standardized profiles for system designers are obvious: system engineering and integration of devices into CANopen networks are simplified which saves time and costs. CiA members are always looking for additional volunteers, in particular when new work items are started.

CANopen profiles for service robot modules

Within the ISO international standardization body, the TC299 Working Group 6 is going to standardize modules for service robots. CiA participates in this activity because CAN and CANopen are candidates for embedded networks within service robots. The standardized modules just describe the functionality that can be mapped to CANopen profiles. One of the modules deals with wheels, which is why CiA calls for experts interested in specifying a wheel controller. Such robot wheels may comprise several embedded motion controllers (e.g. one for the motion and one for the steering). In order to discuss the different options, we will organize a first information meeting if there is sufficient interest. Please indicate your interest by email (secretary(at) The CANopen SIG Service Robots chaired by Prof. Mizukawa from the Shibaura Institute in Tokyo (Japan) will develop the profile specification.

Gateway to IO-Link

Another request is to standardize the CANopen interface to IO-Link sub-networks. Several companies provide gateways between CANopen and IO-Link. CiA calls for experts interested in standardizing such a gateway. This could include the addressing of process values in both directions as well as to configure the IO-Link communication by means of CANopen dictionary parameters. If you are interested, please contact the CiA office (secretary(at)

Other CANopen work items and projects

Of course, other active CANopen Special Interest Groups (SIG) are also looking for additional experts. Especially the CANopen FD related groups need more support. The list (not complete) of active SIGs includes:
  • SIG Application Layer (CiA 301 and CANopen FD)
  • SIG Programmable Devices (CiA 302 series and CANopen FD)
  • SIG Testing (CANopen FD conformance test plan)
  • SIG Motion Control (CiA 402 series and CANopen FD)
  • SIG I/O and Measuring Devices (CiA 401 series and CiA 404 series)
  • SIG Encoder and Inclinometer (CiA 406 and CiA 410 including functional safety)
  • SIG CANopen Lift (CiA 417 series)
  • SIG CleANopen (CiA 422 series)
  • SIG Car Add-on Devices (CiA 447 series)
  • SIG Weighing (CiA 459 series)
  • etc.
If you are interested in any of these listed or not listed work items, please don’t hesitate to contact the CiA office (secretary(at)