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CiA Business Committee

The CiA Business Committee (BC) decides all CiA commercial subjects, marketing strategies, and activities. The members of the CiA BC discuss and determine regional and market focuses, and propose the annual CiA budget to the CiA General Assembly. The CiA Business Director heads the CiA Business Committee. Both are elected yearly by the members during the annual General Assembly.


Date Time* Group Location
2024-06-18 10:30 - 14:30 CiA Business Committee Nuremberg

* Local time at CiA office, Nuremberg, Germany.


Title Date Status Size Published Action
Business Committee July 20182018-07-03Minutes4.9 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee September 20172017-09-28Minutes4.3 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20172017-12-01Minutes2.7 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20162016-12-12Minutes2.0 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee July 20162016-07-07Minutes2.3 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20152015-12-09Minutes6.9 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee June 20152015-06-23Minutes1.5 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee June 20142014-06-24Minutes2.0 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20142014-12-10Minutes1.6 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20132013-12-11Minutes2.1 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee June 20132013-06-26Minutes1.7 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20122012-12-12Minutes2.4 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee June 20122012-06-19Minutes1.6 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee November 20112011-11-25Minutes6.3 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee June 20112011-06-29Minutes1.9 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20102010-12-08Minutes5.3 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee June 20102010-06-24Minutes3.1 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20092009-12-02Minutes1.8 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee June 20092009-06-16Minutes1.1 MiB2018-11-12Login
Business Committee December 20182018-12-05Minutes2.2 MiB2018-12-19Login
Business Committee June 20192019-06-26Minutes6.3 MiB2019-07-05Login
Business Committee September 20192019-09-20Minutes858 KiB2019-10-02Login
Business Committee December 20192019-12-10Minutes29 MiB2020-01-13Login
Business Committee June 20202020-06-23Minutes3.8 MiB2020-07-01Login
Business Committee September 20202020-09-17Minutes1.7 MiB2020-09-24Login
Business Committee December 20202020-12-21Minutes3.4 MiB2021-01-11Login
Business Committee February 20212021-02-02Minutes150 KiB2021-02-10Login
Business Committee April 20212021-04-15Minutes4.1 MiB2021-04-29Login
Business Committee June 20212021-06-14Minutes2.5 MiB2021-06-30Login
Business Committee December 20212021-12-20Minutes525 KiB2022-01-04Login
Business Committee December 20212021-12-15Minutes459 KiB2022-01-04Login
Business Committee June 20222022-06-02Minutes10.5 MiB2022-06-27Login
Business Committee November 20222022-11-29Minutes3.8 MiB2022-12-06Login
Business Committee June 20232023-06-20Minutes2.4 MiB2023-06-26Login
BC and TC September 20232023-09-15Minutes1.4 MiB2023-09-18Login
Business Committee October 20232023-11-10Minutes1.3 MiB2023-11-15Login
Business Committee December 20232023-12-05Minutes4.4 MiB2024-01-08Login


The MG CAN XL promotes the CAN XL data link layer and the CAN XL ecosystem including the scalable physical layer options (CAN SIC transceiver and CAN SIC XL transceiver). For this purposes, joint marketing activities are planned and organized. Joint marketing activities include CAN XL plugfests, CAN XL demonstrators, CAN XL training and information events, CAN XL related publications (hardcopy and online) in CiA media as well as third-party media, and CAN XL promotion videos.


Date Time* Group Location
2024-06-14 13:00 - 15:00 MG CAN XL e-meeting

* Local time at CiA office, Nuremberg, Germany.


Title Date Status Size Published Action
MG CAN XL, October 20222022-10-07Minutes100 KiB2022-10-19Login
MG CAN XL, December 20222022-12-08Minutes113 KiB2022-12-22Login
MG CAN XL, January 20232023-01-25Minutes1.8 MiB2023-02-07Login
MG CAN XL, February 20232023-02-17Minutes0.9 MiB2023-02-21Login
MG CAN XL, February 20232023-02-27Minutes802 KiB2023-03-15Login
MG CAN XL, March 20232023-03-31Minutes1.5 MiB2023-04-06Login
MG CAN XL, July 20232023-07-07Minutes1.3 MiB2023-07-12Login
MG CAN XL, August 20232023-08-04Minutes417 KiB2023-08-23Login
MG CAN XL, January 20242024-01-12Minutes536 KiB2024-01-19Login
MG CAN XL, March 20242024-03-08Minutes436 KiB2024-03-19Login


In 2018, CiA members have established the CiA Marketing Group (MG) CANopen FD. Scope of this CiA group is to spread awareness and knowledge of CANopen FD in different application areas. The MG evaluates and initiates marketing activities, such as fairs, conferences, and training events in order to present CANopen FD topics, services, and products to decision makers and developers. A CANopen FD demonstrator is shown on CiA's exhibition stands and helps to explain the benefits of CANopen FD to interested visitors. Of course brochures, and if requested, even videos with a short technical overview or more marketing-oriented content can jointly be published. Technical website content as well as technical articles on CANopen FD in relevant media complete the marketing activities of the MG CANopen FD.


Title Date Status Size Published Action
MG CANopen FD, July 20182018-07-25Minutes3.3 MiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen FD, September 20182018-09-03Minutes1.1 MiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen FD, June 20182018-06-21Minutes1.4 MiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen FD, March 20182018-03-07Minutes1.6 MiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen FD, October 20182018-10-24Minutes470 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen FD, November 20182018-11-05Minutes136 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen FD, February 20192019-02-15Minutes112 KiB2019-04-02Login
MG CANopen FD, January 20192019-01-14Minutes115 KiB2019-04-02Login
MG CANopen FD, December 20182018-12-17Minutes121 KiB2019-04-02Login
MG CANopen FD, November 20192018-11-19Minutes124 KiB2019-04-02Login
MG CANopen FD, March 20192019-03-28Minutes109 KiB2019-04-11Login
MG CANopen FD workshop 2019-09-032019-09-03Minutes6.8 MiB2019-09-23Login
MG CANopen FD, September 20192019-09-05Minutes8.8 MiB2019-09-23Login
MG CANopen FD workshop 2019-09-232019-09-23Minutes112 KiB2019-10-08Login
MG CANopen FD, August 20202020-08-20Minutes122 KiB2020-09-07Login
MG CANopen FD, December 20202020-12-09Minutes87 KiB2020-12-18Login
MG CANopen FD, March 20212021-03-23Minutes89 KiB2021-03-29Login
MG CANopen FD, October 20212021-10-04Minutes88 KiB2021-10-19Login
MG CANopen FD, September 20222022-09-27Minutes147 KiB2022-10-11Login

MG CANopen Lift

The MG CANopen Lift provides basic information about CANopen Lift at CiA’s website. Members of the group discuss and decide on the marketing activities regarding CANopen Lift. These have been new brochures, special issues of the CAN Newsletter magazine with the topic CANopen Lift, two videos about the technical as well as marketing benefits of CANopen Lift, and last but not least exhibition stands at relevant exhibitions. One of the most important activities of the MG CANopen Lift is the bi-annual Interlift show in Augsburg (DE), where the group had shown the CANopen Lift Demonstrator several times. For the next Interlift exhibition product panels will give an overview of the CANopen Lift products and devices available on the market.


Title Date Status Size Published Action
MG CANopen Lift, January 20182018-01-30Minutes6.7 MiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, April 20182018-04-26Minutes145 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, October 20142014-10-16Minutes93 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, November 20132013-11-25Minutes97 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, March 20132013-03-05Minutes97 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, January 20132013-01-29Minutes100 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, September 20122012-09-12Minutes118 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, March 20122012-03-06Minutes116 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, March 20112011-03-02Minutes108 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, May 20092009-05-13Minutes138 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, November 20092009-11-23Minutes118 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, September 20092009-09-02Minutes123 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, July 20082008-07-02Minutes103 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, April 20082008-04-09Minutes107 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, October 20082008-10-29Minutes105 KiB2018-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, February 20192019-02-06Minutes138 KiB2019-02-12Login
MG CANopen Lift, January 20192019-01-17Minutes141 KiB2019-02-12Login
MG CANopen Lift, March 20192019-03-15Minutes142 KiB2019-03-25Login
MG CANopen Lift, May 20192019-05-10Minutes140 KiB2019-06-24Login
MG CANopen Lift, March 20202020-03-02Minutes127 KiB2020-09-11Login
MG CANopen Lift, August 20202020-08-26Minutes111 KiB2020-09-16Login
MG CANopen Lift, March 20212021-03-25Minutes90 KiB2021-03-29Login
MG CANopen Lift, November 20212021-11-19Minutes81 KiB2021-12-10Login
MG CANopen Lift, February 20222022-02-24Minutes1.2 MiB2022-03-23Login
MG CANopen Lift, May 20232023-05-25Minutes2.3 MiB2023-06-01Login

MG municipal vehicles

The MG municipal vehicles discusses, initiates and organizes marketing activities with regard to CleANopen. This covers providing marketing information on CiA's website, in specific CiA brochures, or the coordination of the development of CleANopen demonstrators. Additionally the marketing group initiates CiA plugfests, to increase the interoperability of CleANopen-capable devices and to demonstrate to body builders the high degree of off-the-shelf plug-and-play capability. The group identifies marketing activities and proposes relevant action items to CiA business committee.


Title Date Status Size Published Action
MG municipal vehicles, September 20192019-09-23Minutes1.8 MiB2019-10-07Login
MG municipal vehicles, June 20192019-06-27Minutes4.5 MiB2019-10-07Login

Join the community!

Established in March 1992, the CiA nonprofit association fosters the image of CAN technology. CiA members jointly develop specifications for different CAN application fields. The CAN community also finances CiA’s active participation in international standardization and organizes events in order to exchange knowledge and experiences. These opportunities for networking belong to the most important benefits of CiA membership

CiA also offers other services. These include seminars and conferences, publications, CANopen testing, and last but not least the promotion of CAN technology.

For more information please contact CiA office (headquarters(at)can-cia.org).