CiA® 1311-1: CANopen FD electronic device description

This document specifies compact XML file formats for describing device profiles and communication network profiles for devices used in CANopen FD based control systems. The content of this specification complies to ISO 15745-1:2003/Amd 1:2007. The part 1 of CiA 1311 specifies the generic set of XML scheme components and rules for describing CANopen FD device and communication network profiles. This generic set is a subset of CiA 311 XML scheme components and rules limited to the mandatory components and extended with the CANopen FD specifics. The annex to the part 1 provides XML-schema files for generation of the generic device description in XDD file format and configuration description in XDC file format. A web resource for the XML scheme namespace and location of scheme files is a work in progress. The part 2 of CiA 1311 is also in progress and is intended to specify the device description and configuration file formats beyond the generic set specified in the part 1 such as handling of modular devices.

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CiA 1311-1 version 1.0.1CANopen FD electronic device descriptions - Part 1: XML schema definitions for CiA 1301
DescriptionThis document specifies the XML Schema Definition for the CANopen FD profiles. It is based on ISO 15745-1:2003/Amd 1:2007.
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