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Publication of specifications

CiA develops CAN-based specifications such as application layers and device, application, and interface profiles. CiA also promotes their international standardization, e.g. in ISO and IEC standards. CiA members do need these standards for being able to deal with the increasing complexity of networked systems. With standards device designers are able to focus their developments on device know-how rather than on communication details. That enables the system designers to use devices from several sources with the same network.

The detailed development process is available here.

Technical hotline

CiA staff is available to answering technical questions regarding the CAN protocol, interpretation of the standards and specifications, as well as the implementation of the specifications. Please contact the technical hotline at service(at)can-cia.org or by phone (+49-911-928819-0).

Trade shows

CiA is present at different fairs and trade shows with CiA information stands and CiA jointstands not only to get latest information about member companies and their products, but also to get in contact with non-members from the CAN market. International trade shows are a good place for re-newing business contacts and for networking.

Additional information

CiA plugfests

CiA organizes different plugfests. The ones for CANopen and CANopen Lift devices are intended for developers and system integrators of CiA member companies. The purpose of these events is to prove interoperability of CANopen respectively CANopen Lift devices and to support the engineers in optimizing the software of their devices. Moreover participants acquire a better understanding on problems occurring during the system integration. Furthermore the results are a valuable input in order to improve the related CANopen profiles. CAN FD plugfests prove the interoperability of nodes implementing the CAN FD protocol.

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CiA joint marketing activities

CiA member companies benefit from joint activities with CiA headquarters. Beside the offered opportunities CiA members may propose other forms of cooperation and may request e.g. CiA speakers for their own events, show their latest products on the product panels on CiA trade show stands, order free of charge CiA brochures and CANdictionaries, and others.

Proof of conformity

Conformance testing is like spell checking. CiA provides the CANopen conformance test tool, developed by a consortium of CiA members. Members can get it free-of-charge. The CiA staff uses it for conformance testing of CANopen products. Therefore, test customers get the tool free-of-charge for preparation. On CiA's website you can find a list of successfully tested CANopen devices.

In order to test interoperability, CiA offers an optional in-system test. It checks if the tested device communicates failure-free with other CANopen devices. At the moment, we use a CANopen master by Schneider Electric.

For more details please contact us (service(at)can-cia.org)